Is a CSA farm share right for your family?

Here at Rumar Farm, we field a lot of questions about our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) program. It's one of the most popular ways of directly reaching consumers with the seasons best, freshest produce. We've put together a small checklist to help you decide.

1. Is a healthy lifestyle important to you?
2. Are you interested in knowing the source of foods you feed yourself and family?
3. Are you interested in sustainability and the health of our shared planet?
4. Do you believe in supporting the local economy?
5. Would you like to be part of a community of like-minded individuals?
6. Do you value top quality fruit and vegetables?
7. Would you like a chance to upgrade your culinary skills?
8. would you and you family appreciate eating seasonally?
9. Are you bored with the same old, same old offerings from the grocery store?
10. Do you desire the continued success of the small farmer model?

If you can answer yes to a majority of the above questions, then you and your family are excellent candidates for our CSA program. Rumar Farm can help you eat fresher, more nutritious fruit and vegetables, selected and grown with care. As small farmers we are blessed with a beautiful property, ideal for growing almost anything we set our minds to. Uniquely, we offer a full range of fruit and vegetables. Our commitment to holistic farming means no harmful herbicides, pesticides, or artificial soil nutrients, and our goal of future Biodynamic certification is very nearly met.

To reserve your share for the 2019 season, see Follow the links for details like share sizes and costs, as well as the enrolment forms. Make sure you register for our newsletter as well, all the better to stay up to date on the growing season.