2017 Rumar Farm CSA Shares Are For Sale

2017 Rumar Farm CSA Shares Now Available
It may be cold and breezy still, and the few peeks at our friend the Sun may be rare, but here at Rumar Farm we're already preparing for a new growing season. The seeds are ordered, fertility plans are being made, and we can't wait until the ground thaws and we can get to work.
Our goal is always to deliver a unique experience that ensures healthy, fresh organic foods are a major part of your summer nutrition plans. When you sign up with our program, you can be assured that you are part of a community that values local support for agriculture. The fewer miles your food travels before it hits your plate, the better. When you pick up your weekly share, everything in your basket was likely still in the fields merely hours before. You can't get much fresher than that. We have a limited number of shares still available, and we always sell out. To avoid disappointment, please don't delay in registering for the program. Use the  Member Agreement link for all the details, including cost and pick up sites.

Those who know us, know that we like to support our local food bank Pelham Cares, to make sure everyone has a chance at healthy organic produce. While we will continue to deliver weekly surplus (including member shares not picked up) we have started a new program of support as well. We have some shares available for corporate gifts, where a corporation would purchase a share, and we would deliver that share direct to Pelham Cares weekly, for the 18 week duration of the season. The sponsoring corporation would receive a tax receipt issued by Pelham Cares for their charitable donation. Now thats a win/win! if you are interested in our corporate program, send a note to rumarfarm@gmail.com and we'll fill you in.