About Us

Who We Are

Ruth Gatzke and Marc McKerracher operate their 2nd generation farm located at 219 Canboro Road in Ridgeville. In addition to tender fruits they grow an exciting assortment of Heirloom vegetables including a wide variety of Certified Organic tomatoes and greens.


IMG_3202In the winter of 2013, Katherine and Alfred Gatzke announced their desire to retire from farming. Ruth and Marc seized the opportunity to carry on the tradition of the Family Farm. Having grown up on the property, for Ruth it was coming home again. It was an opportunity that Marc had often dreamed of, but had never seriously considered. Now the dream was finally within reach.

Rumar Farm has been growing market vegetables for many years, taking them to market, and supplying Marc's restaurant in Beamsville as well as others. They are very excited to run the entire farm, and add their own fresh fruit to the mix of offerings.

Ruth and Marc are determined to carry on the tradition, but to also expand our knowledge of modern farming techniques in order to increase production, simplify the harvest and packing process, and provide their clients with an ever expanded variety of nutritious, delicious, certified organic fruits and vegetables.

Our Mission

  • To Grow and help educate a community
  • To Work with the incredible soil of the Fonthill Kame
  • To Nurture superior fruits and vegetables
  • To Inspire others to share our passion for healthy, fresh, seasonal, sustainable living

Our Social Responsibility Statement

We have a chance at establishing a new generation of farm, in a special place with special meaning. We take our role as current stewards of this unique property seriously, and we know that decisions we make now, will benefit, or harm the next generation. It is said that "those who plant trees, think of others". That is our role, and we will do it.

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